About Us


The Super Smart Girl's Club is a 501c3 nonprofit literacy based program designed to mentor young girls through stimulated community service events and educational programs designed to enhance teamwork, leadership skills and life skills.  It’s cool to take a stand and be smart, dress neatly, speak kind words, and respect yourself and your parents.

Super Smart Girl Characteristics

1. Super Smart Girl is kind to her friends.

2. Super Smart Girl is sweet to her parents.

3. Super Smart Girl shows love and kindness to her family.

4. Super Smart Girl is respectful and nice.

5. Super Smart Girl speaks words of kindness and encourage others.

6. Super Smart Girl dresses neat and always shares a nice smile!

7. Super Smart Girl completes homework and listens to their teachers.

8. Super Smart Girl cleans her room and keeps her toys neat.

Are you a Super Smart Girl?

If you have the characteristics of a Super Smart Girl, take a stand and join the super smart girl's club!

We Care!

The Super Smart Girl's responded quickly to the children that were displaced during hurricane harvey. The girl's mailed care packages full of baby supplies, literacy books and toys. We Care!