"Sweet, Smart & Goal-Oriented"

SSG Poem

“No Girl Left Behind”

I may be adorable and a bit bright

Although my light shines inside of me, there is always a fight!

I want to belong and to be accepted, which is so hard to do!

I look for love and affection from every group

I have lots of friends, but I’m different

I listen to words, and I’m very attentive

My heart is so daring and independent, but I still need a group to nourish my brilliance

I like to think that I’m fearless and devoted in all that I do!

I’m still a young girl remarkable and true

Please make room and let me join you; through this journey

of power, strength and virtue

Don’t go and leave me behind; I’m smart, powerful, and kind!

I’m a courageous girl in every way, planting seeds of success that will flourish each and every day!

By: L. McIntyre